How To Set Up An Omnimount Center Channel

You need no previous experience to know how to set up an Omnimount center channel. You can install it in just a couple of minutes. You probably won’t need any tools as this unit often comes with its own special hex key.

To set up an Omnimount center channel, you will need:

  • Omnimount Hex Key
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Sticky Tack (Optional)
  1. Get to know your Omnimount Center Channel. This useful device can be attached to almost every TV case. One attractive feature about the design is that it has two kinds of legs to support weight depending on the TV you have in your home. As such, it’s very adaptable and is an easy-to-install solution for your speaker. The unit is made of steel and comes with an irresistible warranty.
  2. Check the condition of your TV. The Omnimount will be attached to the top of your TV display. Make sure this area is in good condition in that there aren’t any cracks from accidental bumps. Clean the surface by dusting.
  3. Check the package. Take the kit out of its package and use the owner’s manual to verify that all the pieces have been included. You should find a shelf, two shelf pegs, two foot assemblies, two leg assemblies, two extended legs, two spacers, two lock nuts, two support screws, one hex wrench and four rubber pads.
  4. Setup the Omnimount Center Channel. Depending on your TV model, you may not use all of the parts. First, place the rubber pads on the lower part of foot assembly and on the front of the shelf edge. Take the shelf pegs and insert them into the holes at the front edge of the shelf. Now, place the center channel on top of the TV. The shelf pegs must always hang over the front edge of the TV. Remove the leg from leg assembly with the help of the hex key and add the extended leg to it. Next, add the foot assembly into the leg assembly. Attach them with the support screws. Tighten the lock nut to hold the foot position firmly. You’ve done the installation!
  5. Omnimount Center Channel Tips. You can add various units on top of the Omnimount such as center speakers, a DVD player, a cable or satellite box, a VCR, or video consoles, but be sure not to surpass the amount of weight it can hold. Check this information in the owner’s manual before setting up other units. When installing other units, make sure the unit fits in front of the Omnimount and never at the back.



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