How To Set Up Outlook Express

Are you trying to figure out how to set up Outlook Express? Setting up Outlook Express is not rocket science but it does require you perform certain steps. We will be outlining steps to set up Outlook Express (Windows Mail) on a Vista Operating System. Outlook Express 7 is an e-mail program that has been replaced by Windows Mail. Windows Mail is a vast improvement over Outlook Express these enhancements include junk mail filtering and protection against phishing messages.

Before you begin the task of setting up Outlook Express 7, gather the following information for each e-mail account:

  • Your email address and password.
  • The type of email server your email service uses.
  • The address of the incoming and outgoing email services used by your email provider.
  1. Click the Start button, then click All Programs, and then clicking Windows Mail.
  2. Click the Tools menu, and then click Accounts.
  3. On the Internet Accounts screen click Add. The Select Type Account screen will appear and ask what type of account you will be setting up, click e-mail account, then click next.
  4. When sending e-mails, your name is displayed in the From field, Type your name in the Display name space as you would like it to appear. For example: John Smith, then click next.
  5. Type in your internet e-mail address in the space provided so people can contact you. For example:, then click next.
  6. Type in the e-mail server type, for example, POP, then type in the incoming e-mail account, for example, and then type in the outgoing e-mail account, for example, Although there are only three types of incoming servers to choose from: POP3, IMAP or HTTP.
  7. POP is by far the most common type of incoming e-mail server for personal e-mail accounts and SMTP is the only type of outgoing e-mail server that works with Windows Mail.

  8. Provide a check-mark if your outgoing e-mail server needs to be authenticated. If you cannot obtain this information, try sending a test message with
  9. a test message with the check box selected, if it does not work, then remove the check mark. Once you have indicated the information click next.

  10. The Internet Mail Logon screen is the last task to perform. Type your e-mail username and password, for example then click next.
  11. The congratulation screen appears informing you that you have successfully entered the required information for the setup of Outlook Express, click finish to complete and save.



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