How To Set A Pedometer

Have you just recently purchased and need to know how to set a pedometer? A pedometer helps keep track of how many steps you take in a day. This is a great way to help keep yourself motivated to get and stay in shape. Everyone's pace, steps and stride are different, which is why it is important to set your pedometer based on your specific walk. It only takes a few minuets and a few simple steps to set a pedometer to get accurate readings.

To set a pedometer, you will need:

  • A pedometer
  • Your instruction manual
  • A tape measure
  1. Choose the correct unit of measurement. In your manual it will tell you how to choose the correct unit of measurement for your pedometer based upon your walk. In the manual you will also see how to accurately record your average stride length and step length.
  2. Set up your pedometer for the most accurate reading. Clip your pedometer in a vertical position on your waistband. This position provides the most accurate pedometer reading that you can get.
  3. Determine your stride length. The stride length is the measurement of distance between where your heel and your foot touch the ground. To determine your stride length, walk on a flat surface at your normal stride for ten steps. Measure the distance that you have covered and enter the information into your pedometer.
  4. Determine your step length. The step length is the measurement of distance between the heel of your first foot and the heel of your second foot. In other words it is the distance traveled by a single leg or single step. Your pedometer should automatically calculate this information for you.
  5. Record your average steps. Measure out a distance of about 40 feet across your driveway or sidewalk. Walk as you normally do for ten to twenty steps, and then measure that distance. Repeat this process about three or four times and then take the average result and record it into your pedometer.
  6. Clear your reading to zero on your pedometer. Once your pedometer measures a zero reading, walk 30 to 40 steps. Check the accuracy to make sure that it matches up with the measurements that you had.
  7. Test your pedometer. Take a few different, separate walks around your neighborhood and check the accuracy of how your pedometer is calibrated. Your pedometer is now set.
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