How To Set Up A Pioneer Center Channel Speaker

You have just purchased a Pioneer central speaker and you want how to set up a Pioneer center channel speaker. Setting up the central channel is extremely important because it is what will be carrying the dialogue of the speaker. Every detailed sound will come out of the speaker. The Pioneer center channel speaker should be set the up the right way and location to get that crisp, clear, full sound out of the speaker.

To set up Pioneer center channel speakers you need:

  • center channel speaker
  • home theater system
  • wire strippers
  • razor blade
  1. Find the correct locations for the center channel speaker. The center speaker should be focused on the area where you will be viewing and listening the most. You want to place your Pioneer center channel speaker either directly above or below your TV. Make sure the speaker is centered with the screen.
  2. Cut the wire the proper length. Measure the length from the speaker to the receiver, and leave about six to eight inches of extra wire just incase you need to do some rearranging. Cut the speaker wire to the proper length. Expose the metal by removing about 1/2 inch of the plastic coating on the wire.
  3. Connect the speaker wire to the speaker. Locate the red and white inputs on the speaker and then plug the speaker wire into these inputs. The Pioneer center channel speaker should be marked with a white strip. Insert the white cable into the input that is marked with the white strip on the speaker, and then insert the red cable into the unmarked input.
  4. Connect the speaker wire to the receiver. Now connect your receiver by plugging in the other end of the speaker wires to your receiver. Make sure to plug the marked wire into the white input and the unmarked side into the red input.
  5. Adjust the speaker. Angle the speaker at about ear level of the listeners and viewers. Make sure that it is not set up to bounce off of the ceiling or the floor. Listen to the way that the Pioneer center channel speaker sounds and make sure that the voices sounds clear and crisp that coming from the people on the TV. Make any adjustments needed the center channel speaker and enjoy your new setup.
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