How To Set Up PS3 Headset

For any online gamer, knowing how to set up PS3 headset can enhance their gaming quite a bit. Having a PS3 headset adds an entire new dimension to the experience. You can talk smack, communicate with your teammates, and then talk some more smack. The competitive quality of the PS3 game you’re playing, whether it be "Call of Duty," "Grand Theft Auto," or any other game designed for multiplayer play, is greatly improved with the use of a PS3 headset. To set one up for yourself,  take a look at the guide below.

What you need to set up PS3 headset:

  • A PS3
  • A PS3 headset
  • Your favorite game
  1. Start by turning on your console. In order to hook up the PS3 headset properly, the console has to be done. As it turns out, the PS3 is a pretty powerful computer. In effect, it picks up your headset, which is essentially a simple Bluetooth device, exactly like a computer would.
  2. Log into your account. When you reach the home screen, as you probably already know, there is a long horizontal list of options to choose from. For hooking up the PS3 headset, the category to scroll to is called “Settings.” Look for the toolbox symbol. When you’ve landed on that category, a drop down list will appear. There’s a pretty long list to choose from. The one you need to choose to get your PS3 headset online is “Accessory Settings.”
  3. After choosing “Accessory Settings,” another list will generate. Sony’s PS3 has a ton of accessories. There are remote controls, keyboards, and even cameras made for the console. The appropriate selection to make is called “Manage Bluetooth Devices.” After the selection, you will see a screen that includes the phrase “Register New Device.” Choose that option, and get ready to pick up the PS3 headset itself.
  4. Once you’ve clicked the “Register New Device” option, your PS3 will start scanning. Have the PS3 headset device in hand when it starts. In order for the console to pick it up, you have to hold down the headset’s power button. As the PS3 picks it up, the light on your headset will flash blue.
  5. When the PS3 finds your headset, a new screen will appear on your TV. It will say “Select the Bluetooth device to register.” Select the device that appears below, and take a look at the packaging of your PS3 headset. The console will ask for a product code to ensure that your headset was legitimately acquired. Once you’ve entered the code, your headset is officially ready for use. Be ready for a whole new level of online gaming.
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