How To Set Quartz Watch

You have just received a new wristwatch and need to know how to set quartz watches. These watches are made to use very little electricity, so the battery can last for several years before needing to be replaced. Quartz is it is one of the most common minerals on the earth, and quartz watches are made out of these crystals. Quartz watches are very good, durable, quality watches to own. It is relatively simple to set quartz watches.

  1. Pull the crown out on the right hand side of the watch. The crown is the small knob that is used to the adjust time. Pull the crown out all the way until the last notch on your quartz watch.
  2. Find the current time. You can find the current time by looking at anything that accurately keeps time. Some examples of where to find the current time can be, the time on a laptop or PC, a clock on the wall, the time on a TV or DVD player, etc.
  3. Set the time with the crown. Grab the crown with your index finger and your thumb and twist if forward, turning clockwise. The minute and hour hand will start moving. Turn the crown until you've reached the correct time with the both the hour and minute hand. If you happen to be going too fast and go past the time on your quartz watch, you can easily turn the crown backwards to move back to the desired time.
  4. Lock the time in place.  Once you've reached the correct time, push the crown tightly all the way back into place on the right side of the watch. Twist the crown a couple of times on your quartz watch to make sure it is secured into place. Your quartz watch now has its new time set and is ready to be used.
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