How To Set Up A Rappel

Rappels can be used for rock climbing, so whether you are that active rock climber or not, it is always interesting to learn how to set up a rappel. The process is actually very straightforward, and with a little practice it can easily be accomplished. Here are a few steps that will allow you to set up a rappel.

To set up a rappel, you will need:
  • An anchor
  • Rappel rope
  1. Find an anchor. Find something sturdy that can serve as your anchor, and that you can attach the rappelling rope to. Try finding something that will not place too much stress in one point. Preferable something that divides the amount of stress to two or even three separate areas.
  2. Attach rope. Connect one part of the rope to the anchor. It is recommended that you use a figure eight knot to connect the rope with the carabineer. Use a piece of cloth to support the rope as it falls over the edge of the rock. This will help to prevent any form of destruction to the rope that may be caused by the rope rubbing against the rock. Now that you are done you can test out your rappel.
Rock climbing can be dangerous, so make sure to double check that your rappel is sturdy before using it. Setting up a rappel can be somewhat complex and difficult, but like most things in life, it takes practice. Try practicing setting up a rappel in various scenarios before trying it when you are out rock climbing.
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