How To Set The Ringtone For A Nokia 1661

You've recently purchased your Nokia phone and need to know how to set the ringtone for a Nokia 1661. Cell phones come with default setting already. The ringtone is one of the major settings that you should change when you first get a new cell phone. Changing the ringtone on your Nokia 1661 cell phone, allows you to personalize your phone. Changing your ringtone makes it easier to know when your phone is ringing, especially when you are in a crowd. It is quick and easy to set the ringtone for a Nokia 1661.

  1. Start at the home page. Go the main menu, and then scroll until you find the 'Settings' menu. Select the 'Setting' menu. The 'Settings' menu allows you to access many options to adjust any setting on you Nokia 1661.
  2. Scroll down to the 'Tones Setting'. From the 'Settings' menu search for the 'Tones Settings' icon. Under the 'Tone Setting' is where you will be able to make all adjustments and changes for your ringtones.
  3. Select 'Ringing Tones'. This will enable you to listen to all the ringtones that are available for you to choose from on your Nokia 1661.
  4. Select and save your new ringtone. Scroll through the list of ringtones on your phone until you find one that you want to set as your new ringtone. To choose the tone you like click on it. Once you click on the ringtone you will be asked to save your changes. Click 'Save' when prompted. Your new ringtone has been saved on your Nokia 1661.
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