How To Set Up A Samsung LCD HD-Ready TV

This information on how to set up a Samsung LCD HD-Ready TV may help you quickly get your television functional. Weeding through an owner's manual is not something most of us have the patience to do. This guide will cut to the chase and give you the most important steps you need.

What you need to set up the Samsung LCD HD-Ready TV:

  • An HD-TV input device This can be an ATSC digital TV tuner or a satellite or cable box from your television service provider. The ATSC tuner receives aired digital broadcast television signals and the boxes receive digital broadcast from the providers. Their converter box must process digital signals and you must be subscribed to digital TV to get it.
  • A high definition television antenna This only applies if you are using an ATSC digital TV tuner.
  • An HDMI cable If you are using a service provider, you should already have coaxial cables in place from the wall to the converter box.
  • An electrical outlet near where the television will be You don't want to stretch a power cord too far trying to reach the television. It's a hazard.
  • The television and the remote controls Those for the television and the input device, if available.

The steps to set up the Samsung LCD HD-Ready TV:

  1. Hook up the input device. If you are using the tuner, attach the television antenna to the back of it where it is marked Antenna or Input. If you were previously using cable or satellite, make sure they are set up as before: The coaxial cables should run from the wall to the Input in back of the provider's converter box.
  2. Set up the input device. Attach one end of the HDMI cable to the Output or HDMI Out of the antenna or converter box. Connect the other end of it to the television's input. It may be marked HDMI or you may just have to look for the input that matches the connector. There may be HDMI 1 or HDMI 2; remember which one you select.
  3. Fire up the the TV. Plug all electrical cords in for the television and the antenna or provider boxes. Turn the power on for all of them.
  4. Choose the correct input. On the remote control for the Samsung LCD HD-Ready TV, there will be an Input or a Source button. Push that until the television displays the input as HDMI; HDMI 1 or 2 if you chose one of those options.
  5. Find the channels. The input device will have a feature on it to find available channels. If the unit comes with a remote control, you should be able to access the feature with that. Instruct the unit to search for the channels.
  6. Enjoy. Open a beer, find a game and enjoy your new toy.
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