How To Set A Sector Sport Watch

Wondering how to set a Sector Sport watch? It all depends upon the specific model Sector Sport watch. They make analog, digital, and combination analog digital watches. Each model will have its own specific instructions, especially models with digital displays. It would be impossible to describe each models procedure. It is possible however to describe how to set an analog Sector Sport watch because the procedure is similar in each analog Sector watch. This is what will be described here.

Items needed to set an analog Sector  sport watch.

  • Analog Sector Sport watch
  • Soft clean cloth

 The process of setting a Sector sport watch will be as follows.

  1. Unscrew crown. Some models of Sector Sport watches may have a screw down crown. Watches meant to be used in water will often have this feature. To test this try spinning the crown freely in both directions. If it does not spin freely it has a screw down crown. If your Sector has a screw-down crown, turn it in a counter clockwise motion to unscrew it until it pops free.
  2.  Pull crown out one click and set date.  If the watch has a date perform this step, if not move on to the next step. Pull the crown out one click. Twist crown clockwise and counter clockwise to set the day and date to the previous days day and date. The purpose of this is to set the date by setting the time and insuring the watch is in the correct a.m. and p.m. mode.
  3.  Pull crown out to the next click and set time. Pull the crown out the to next click. This is the time setting mode. Set the time by turning the crown clockwise until the day or date changes to the current date. This is the a.m. mode. Continue to the correct time. If it is a p.m. time this will require moving one full circuit of the dial past the twelve again and then to the correct time. If you fail to do this, the date will change at noon. If there is no date, simply set it to the correct time.  
  4. Push in and screw down crown to retain water resistance. Push crown down into its furthest setting. If it is a screw-down crown, press the crown in with a finger and twist it clockwise. Be careful here not to cross thread the crown in the crown tube or it will need to be replaced. It should be smooth and easy to turn. If any pressure or resistance is felt stop and start over. If you fail to screw in a screw down crown your Sector Sport watch will not be water resistant.
  5. Clean watch. Using the soft cloth wipe the surface of your fine Sector watch down to remove any fingerprints.

That is how you set your fine Sector sport watch. It is not a hard task, but attention must be paid to setting the a.m. and p.m. mode correctly or the date will change in the middle of the day. The worst thing that can happen while doing this is to cross thread the crown tube, if this occurs it will require the services of a watchmaker to keep your fine Sector watch water resistant. Enjoy your Sector watch.

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