How To Set Up Serato

If you have a PC and wish to know how to set up Serato, we can help guide you through the process. Serato is an audio program. If you want the best performance from Serato, you need to have a PC that runs great. Not everyone has the money to purchase a brand new PC. If you are one of those people, this is for you.

In order to setup Serato, you will need:

  • A computer
  • Serato
  1. Be sure you computer meets the minimum requirements. It is recommended that your PC have at least one GB of memory, and a one point five GHz processor.
  2. Your PC should be running on Windows XP. When it comes to Serato performance, Vista is not recommended.
  3. Once Windows XP is installed, you need to optimize it. On your computer, right click the desktop and select properties. Click the "Advanced" tab. Now under "Performance," go to "Settings." There should be a radio setting that says "Adjust for Best Performance". Click on it. Then you will need to click, "Apply".
  4. Follow the previous steps again. When you reach the" Advanced" tab, select the radio setting and go to the button that says "Background Services". Click "Apply".
  5. Open the "Sounds and Audio" device box on your control panel. Select "Sounds." Turn off the sound.
  6. Connect your laptop to the Serato box using the included USB cable. A message will appear asking you for drivers for the Serato system. Insert the driver CD or download the newest version using the Web.
  7. Serato should now be properly installed. At this point, you can install the Scratch Live software included. Double click the "setup.exe." Install the software to your choice of location, but drive C is recommended.
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