How To Set A Tag Aquaracer Watch

When you get tired of your sweet, new watch being set on the wrong time, then you need to finally learn how to set a Tag Aquaracer watch. Tag Aquaracer watches come with diamond-polished hands that are coated in a luminescent material so you can see the hands even in poor light. The Aquaracer line of watches is perfect for swimmers and divers as it is certified to be waterproof from 200m to 500m, depending on the model. The watch is elegant in its simplicity, as it can only tell the time and date. The one extra on Aquaracer watches is a rotating bezel that will let you know how many minutes has passed since you set the bezel.

  1. Unscrew the crown on the right side of the watch. Rotate the crown counterclockwise until you cannot unscrew it anymore.
  2. Pull the crown out until you hear it click. Don't pull it too hard since there are two different positions that the crown can be in. Rotate the crown to change the date up or down. The second hand will stop moving while the crown is out.
  3. Pull out the crown until you hear another click. Rotate the crown to move the minute hand and set the time. When you reach the correct time, push the crown all the way back in.
  4. Rotate the crown clockwise to screw it into the Aquaracer. If the crown is not completely screwed in, water can seep in under the crown and ruin the watch.
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