How To Set Up A Tennis Net

Learn how to set up a tennis net. Tennis is a very fun sport and the thrill of playing is undescribable, but what if that thrill is ruined because it is difficult for you to set up the net. What is tennis without the net? Do not fret, because setting up a tennis net is fairly easy. The only thing you will need is the tools and the needed time.

Things you will need:

  • Tennis net
  • 2 tennis posts
  • Anchoring strap/hook

  1. Make sure that there are posts. If you already have two posts on each side into the ground, then that is great. If not, then you would have to install new posts into the ground to begin setting up the tennis net. They both would have to be parallel and symmetrical. Any posts that are not parallel or symmetrical could make the tennis net crooked and not ideal to set up.
  2. Begin placing the net on the posts. Some nets come with top and bottom string to tie on the posts. Begin tying the top and bottom strings around the posts as securely and tight as possible for one end. There may be a winding device equipped on the posts. Begin winding to ensure that the net is secure. Do the same procedure for the other side. The net should then begin to look as if it is set up and in place.
  3. Attach the anchor to the hook. There should be a hook installed on the tennis court. If not, it is not mandatory. If so, install the anchor near the hook. They should be vertical to each other for easy set up. Attach the anchor and hook securely. This will secure the tennis net from top to bottom and protect it against extreme winds if available.
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