How To Set The Time On An iHome

If you don't know how to set the time on an iHome, you're only using half of the device. By following these steps, you will quickly learn how to set the correct time on your iHome. Setting the correct time will help you later set up an alarm on the iHome, which, when coupled with the iPod dock, can be activated to trigger an alarm of your favorite songs from your iPod—or perhaps more fittingly, something loud and raucous to jolt your tired ass out of bed!

What you will need:

  • An iHome
  • An outlet
  1. Figure out what time it is. If the clock on your computer right now isn't correct for whatever reason, visit and click your appropriate time zone located on the map. The clock which appears will show you the correct time within 0.2 seconds.
  2. Set your clock for Daylight Saving Time (if it's the appropriate time of year). A switch located on the bottom of the iHome can instantly correct the time forward or backward by one hour. Not all iHomes have an internal calendar, so you may need to use this switch annually when DST is in effect.
  3. Select your time zone. Hold the Time Zone button on the lower front of the device until the display begins to flash. Use the "Rew" and "FF" buttons to choose your time zone. If the time displayed is correct, then you're done! If not—or if your iHome does not have a Time Zone button—advance to step four.
  4. Hold the "Clock Adjust" or "Time Set" button until the time display flashes. Press the "Hour" button once to advance the clock by one hour, and press the "Minute" button once to advance the clock by one minute. You can hold either of these buttons to quickly scroll until you reach your correct time. If your iHome has "Rew" and "FF" buttons, these can typically be used to adjust your clock in either direction (in case you accidentally skip past the correct time).



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