How To Set The Time On A Rolex Watch

Have you misplaced your manual and need to know how to set the time on a Rolex watch? Rolex watches is a brand name watch that is a timepiece in itself. The beauty and quality of this watch is worth every penny. Maintaining the upkeep of a Rolex watch is not that difficult. Even setting the time on a Rolex watch is quite easy, but you want to make sure that you handle your watch with care. Setting the time on a Rolex watch can be done quickly and with little effort.

  1. Unscrew and release the crown. The crown is the small stem on the outside of the watch. It is used to keep the time from being accidentally changed. The crown is located on the side of a Rolex watch. Once you locate the crown, unscrew the crown to release it until it pops up.
  2. Pull the winding crown out all the way. Now that the crown is completely released this puts the Rolex watch into the winding position to get it ready for the time to be set. The second hand should stop moving, once the crown is pulled out all the way, and will then move to the 12:00 position. Your Rolex watch is now ready to be set.
  3. Set the time on your Rolex watch.  Find the current time by looking at a clock or another (working) watch. To set the time, begin to turn the winding crown clockwise until you reach the correct time on the Rolex watch. It is easy to accidentally pass up the time, and if that happens just turn the winding crown counterclockwise until you get back to the correct time.
  4. Secure the correct time. Push the winding crown down, once you have set the right time. To secure the time in place, screw the crown down by turning it clockwise on your Rolex watch until it fits tightly back into place. The time on your Rolex watch is now set and ready to be used.



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