How To Set Time On Timex Ironman Watch

Need to know how to set the time on a Timex Ironman watch? Have you lost the instructions, and now no matter what button you push you still can't get the time right? Then this guide is for you. In a few short and easy steps you will be able to set the time on your Timex Ironman watch.

  1. Locate the "Mode" button. The Mode button on many Timex Ironman watches is located on either the left or right side of the watch face. The Mode button is what lets you access many of the settings on the Ironman watch. When you have located this button, press it until the time and date stamp show. If you cannot locate it on your watch then refer to the link below for your specific watch series and a layout of the watch itself.
  2. Locate and press the "Set" button. The Set button, like the Mode button, is found on either the left or right side of the Timex Ironman watch. When you have located this button, press and hold it until the word "Time" appears. Once this word appears, release the Set button. The Timex Ironman watch allows for you to have two separate time zone settings. For your primary setting, use the "Set T1" option.
  3. Set the time. Now that you have the word "Time" up on your watch, press the Mode button again. You will now be able to enter in your time. You can change just the time or go so far as to change the date and whether you want time shown in standard format or military format.
  4. Complete setting the time on your Timex Ironman watch. To complete the time setting procedure, press the Set button. Set will save the time you have entered. To ensure that your watch time is set properly on your Timex Ironman watch, simply watch the readout for a minute. Once the time rolls over to the next minute you will know that you have set the time on your Timex Ironman watch properly.

Setting the time, date and other features on your Timex Ironman watch does not have to be difficult. Simply remember that the Mode button allows you to access the settings and features of the Ironman watch and that Set allows you to alter those settings and save them to the watch. If you keep those two things in mind then setting your watch again will be no problem.



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