How To Set A Timex 1440 Sports Watch

If you have a Timex 1440 Sports Watch, you may be wondering how you can set the damn watch. It may look complicated with all the buttons and functions it may have. According to some consumers, Timex provided the wrong instruction manual with this watch. Instead, you can learn how to set your Timex 1440 Sports Watch in this manual.

To set a Timex 1440 Sports Watch, you will need:

  • Timex 1440 Sports Watch
  • Clock, watch or another gadget that has the appropriate time


  1. Press the mode button. Keep pressing it until it shows the “Time” mode. You can now figure out how to set your Timex 1440 Sports Watch.
  2. Press the lap/reset button. Hold the button for at least 2 secondsor until the seconds’ button blinks. Set it to at least “00”.
  3. Press the mode button. Now, the minutes’ button will blink on your Timex 1440. Press start/stop to set the appropriate minutes.
  4. Press the mode button again. The hours’ button should blink. Press start/stop to set the hours on your Timex watch.
  5. Press the mode button again. Hold it until the “Date” mode shows up. Press start/stop until the right date shows up. Press to the “Set” button.
  6. Press the mode button for the day format. Press the start/stop button until the correct day shows up. Hit the “Set” button on your Timex 1440 Sports Watch.
  7. Turn off the chime and alarm on your Timex watch. Press the start/stop button repeatedly until the charm or CH symbol is off the face of the watch. Then press the mode button repeatedly. Repeat for alarm until the alarm or ALM symbol is no longer on the face of your watch.

TipsFollow these directions for resetting your Timex 1440 Sports Watch as well.



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