How To Set The Timing On A Shovelhead Harley

Got a brand new shovelheaded Harley and need to know how to set the timing on a shovelheaded Harley? Setting up the timing on your fabulous beast could be little tricky if you are a new owner and not aware of how it works, and visiting a mechanic could be tricky as well since you can’t guarantee the legitimacy of the mechanic. Well, do not worry at all, because this article would serve as a perfect step by step guide helping you set up timing on your Shovelhead easily.

You will need:

  • Harley Davidson ignition timing tool
  • screw driver
  • dial gauge
  1. Check the Ignition timing of your shovelhead Harley.
  2. Make sure to check for accurate RPM and ignition time every 5000 miles.
  3. Into the timing inspection outlet, thread the timing mark view plug.
  4. Make sure to locate the accurate marks of timing for the engine
  5. Make sure that you connect the Inductive Timing Light leads to the front spark plug cable.
  6. Be certain to see that installation of vacuum hose at the carburetor and vacuum operated switch is perfectly installed.
  7. Set the speed of engine turning the idle adjacent screw clockwise after starting it. You can increase or decrease the speed clock or counterclockwise.
  8. Each time ignition sparks takes place, the timing light will blink. Make sure to target the light into the inspection hole.
  9. Start with removing the external cover pop rivets along with external timer cover, internal screws, internal cover and the gasket on the shovelhead Harley.
  10. Make sure to loosen the timer plate studs. This is done to allow the assembly of sensor to be rotated. Do this until the front cylinder progress time mark is centered into the inspection outlet.
  11. Having finished the above step on your Harley, make sure to turn the sensor assembly along with the timing light targeted towards inspection outlet.
  12. Go ahead and constrict the plate studs.
  13. Start installing the internal cover screws, cover, timer cover and gasket.
  14. Conclude the process by taking out the timing mark plug from the inspection outlet. Finally install the hex socket.

Following the above process will ensure the successful setting of timing on your powerful shovelhead Harley.


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