How To Set Up A TiVo Network Adapter

When you purchase a new TiVo network adapter you may wonder how to set up a TiVo network adapter. There are two types of network adapters for TiVo and both will require you to learn how to set up a TiVo network adapter. There are both wired and wireless versions of the TiVo network adapter. Many of the newer TiVo units after TiVo series two come with built-in wired network support. Learning how to set up a TiVo network adapter will allow you to configure a wireless adapter for your TiVo unit.

  1. Connect the adapter. Connect the TiVo network adapter to the TiVo unit. Use the USB port located on the back side of the TiVo unit. Plug the TiVo network adapter into the USB port.
  2. Connect adapter to network. Connect the TiVo network adapter to your home network. Wired network adapters will require you to connect the CAT-5 cable to the TiVo network adapter. Wireless units will simply require you to ensure that your wireless router is turned on and connected to a broadband internet connection.
  3. Launch the guided prompt. Navigate to "TiVo Central" using your TiVo remote. Select "Messages & Settings" and then select "Settings". Select "Network & phone", now select "Use Network Instead."
  4. Follow the guided prompts. Follow the guided prompts as they appear on your TiVo screen. Using the wireless TiVo adapter will require you to select your home network name. Enter a network security key if you have one for your network. Wait for the TiVo to prompt you that network setup was successful. Wired users will not need to follow any additional prompts and network setup should say completed.
  5. Configuring additional settings. When using a wireless router that does not broadcast the SSID, TiVo will prompt you for instructions to obtain the IP address. Select "Get automatically from a DHCP server (typical)" to automatically obtain the IP address. Select "Let me specify a static IP address" to manually enter an IP address for your network.

Tips: These basic steps show you how to set up a TiVo network adapter. Wireless users need to have an existing home network in place for the TiVo network adapter to function. Wired connections and a wired TiVo network adapter will have better performance than a wireless TiVo network adapter.

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