How To Set Up TiVo

Learning how to set up TiVo can be difficult without the proper instructions. Unfortunately many people mistakenly throw away the instructions and inserts of their most used components. Instead of frantically calling the customer service line, just follow the instructions below.

To set up TiVo you will need:

  • Active TiVo service
  • CableCARD decoder
  • Audio-Visual (A/V) red and white cables
  • In-wall coaxial cable
  • Component video cables (green, blue, and red)
  1. Undo the cable box. This step only applies to those with a cable boxes. Separate wires from the cable box, if applicable, to start the how to set up TiVo DVR.
  2. Insert A/V and cable lines. Use the coaxial cable located from the wall and insert in the "Cable In" jack located in the rear of the TiVo device. Take the A/V (red and white end) cables and insert one end into the A/V OUT jack in the DVR. Attach the other end in the A/V IN jack located on your television as you perform the how to set up TiVo activity. 
  3. Connect video lines. To connect video cords, insert one end in the DVR’s "Component Out" jack and the other in the "Component IN" television jack. Adding these sets of cables is an essential step in the how to set up TiVo process.
  4. Network. There are two options available, depending on the type of network you have. The phone line method is used when there is not a broadband internet connection. For the phone line method, use the phone cord that is in the TiVo machine and plug it into a wall jack. Network internet users can use the wired or wireless connection that accompanies your home set-up.
  5. Power the DVR. Plug in the power cord on your TiVo and the front panel will show a green light. A working DVR and turning on the TV are major parts of the how to set up TiVo chore.
  6. Success. When you have successfully completed all steps a welcome screen will be displayed on your television. Good Job, the TiVo recorder is properly set-up and ready for you to enjoy.




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