How To Set Virtual Memory Across Multiple Drives For Gaming

Learn how to quickly set virtual memory across multiple drives for gaming by following these simple steps. Gaming takes a lot of RAM, so by setting larger amounts of virtual memory your game should run smoothly without you needing to buy new RAM strips or other physical upgrades. You can set virtual memory not only on one of your hard drives, but across multiple drives.

You will need:

  • Your computer
  • Five to eight minutes of your time
  1. To set virtual memory across multiple drives for gaming, click on the Start menu and hover your mouse pointer over Settings. Click "Control Panel," which should be right at the top of the next menu. In Windows Vista and Windows 7 when you click on the Start menu the Control Panel is just off to the right.
  2. Scroll down and find the icon that reads "System" and double click it. This will pop up a window. In newer versions of Windows, you will have to click the “Advanced system settings” link to the left of the Control Panel menu to get to this point before you can set up your virtual memory for gaming.
  3. Along the top of the new window there is a tab called Advanced, click it.
  4. Again, at the top, there is a tab that reads Advanced. Click it, then under the Performance section, click “Settings…” and it will open your Performance Options window. In Windows Vista and above, you will have to click yet another Advanced tab along the top to proceed to the next step.
  5. There are different sections in this window and the one at the bottom will read "Virtual Memory." In this section, it also displays what your current virtual memory is. Click the "Change" button below it to change your virtual memory.
  6. Un-check the automatic size box at the very top to make sure you can adjust the virtual memory across multiple drives.
  7. Click “C:” in the first white box. This selects the drive you want to adjust virtual memory on.
  8. Check the “Custom size” box and type in 500 for “Initial size.”
  9. In the section below, there is a recommended virtual memory size. Enter whatever this number is into the “Maximum size” box. This sets the virtual memory to the highest your computer can handle.
  10. Now click the next drive you want to set and follow steps nine through eleven to set each drive.
  11. When you are finished setting all the drives, restart your computer. This lets your computer setup it's virtual memory and now you are ready to start gaming!
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