How To Set A Watch

It is not that difficult to figure out how to set a watch since most of the manufacturers stick to the tried and true methods of time keeping. If you have a watch, find a watch, get one as a gift, or have simply lost the instructions years ago, it will be fairly easy to set the time. This should work for most watches, but if your watch requires special instructions, you will have to conduct a little research online. Before you start to set your watch, you will need to figure out the correct time. The easiest way is to look at either your cell phone or your computer as these times are generally accurate. Most cable or satellite TV stations also broadcast the correct time in the menu and movie ordering pages.

  1. Setting an analog watch. If you need to set a watch that you have lost the instructions for, an analog watch is by far the easiest. To set this type of watch, pull the winding stem out. It may pull out at different lengths to adjust the hours, minutes and date. Pull it out all the way first and twist it to adjust the hour.  Push it in slightly until it clicks and adjust the minutes.  If the watch also displays the date, press the stem in until it stops at the next click and twist to adjust. When you are done, push the winding stem all the way back in.
  2. Setting a digital watch. To set a digital watch you will need to start messing with the buttons. Generally speaking, all digital watches have a button called ‘Mode’. You press ‘Mode’ to scroll through all the watch functions. Press it until the time is displayed. Look for a button called either ‘Adjust’ or ‘Set’. Hold this button down until the time begins to flash. Try out different buttons until you locate the one used to adjust the time. Press ‘Mode’ to fix the hours, minutes, seconds and date options. When you are finished, press either ‘Adjust’ or ‘Set’ to exit.


  • Sometimes the button combinations are not obvious and you may need some help to set your watch. The internet is a great resource for this. Look at the back of your watch and it will tell you the brand, model name and model number. Use that to find the instructions for your watch. And you though the internet was only good for porn!
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