How To Set Up A Water Polo Pool

Need to know how to set up a water polo pool? Maybe this weekend you’re going to have a pool party with your friends. This excellent sport can surely add more fun to the mix. In this article, you'll learn how to set up a water polo pool to start having a blast anytime. All the materials are really easy to acquire and shouldn't pose any challenges whatsoever. Setting everything up should not take you more than a few minutes, at the most.

To set up a water polo pool, you will need:

  • A goal kit
  • A water polo ball
  • A pool
  • Stickers
  1. Buying the water polo pool game set. So you have a pool and you want to play some water polo? You can find game sets available everywhere. You can find them made in many sizes and out of many materials. Look for the ones that are made of PVC or stainless steel. These are often not so expensive. You will find that most goals come in one popular size, which is 29 by 13 by 18.5 inches, with a weight of around 4.9 pounds. Those are recommended for kids eight years and up. The balls also come included, so there's no need to worry about finding them elsewhere. All this will cost you around 30 dollars, or maybe a little more if you're looking for more fancy stuff.
  2. Setting up the goals. If you are having a regular number of players in the pool, you will want to make the setting as professional as possible. This way you can follow the rules properly when playing water polo. If your pool has the shape of a rectangle, put one goal on the shorter side right in the center. Then, put the other goal on the opposite side so both face each other and have a long space between them. They're placed exactly like goals in soccer should be.
  3. Add reference marks. You'll still want to make your setting look even more professional, so it's a good idea to add some marks to play by according to the game rules. Just as a reference for all the players, put  three stickers with different colors to define the reference lines. The marks should be placed on the long side of the pool at the same distance from the goal. The first one should be placed two meters from the goal line. Use another color to add the next line, five meters from the goal line. The last mark will be at the center of the pool. Now, the areas will be visible for beginners. This is for official-sized pools. However, if you have a small pool, just add two line markers from the goal. You decide what distance will best fit the game.
  4. Make a space for the referee. If you have one extra player who doesn’t want to get wet, tell him to be the referee, and give them the scoring board right away. This will help establish the mood for playing water polo even more.

By following these simple steps, you will cover all the right bases when you set up your water polo pool. Now is the time to start having some good times with your friends. Water polo is the perfect game to be active and competitive and keep cool at the same time.

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