How To Set Wenger Swiss Military Watch

How do you set a Wenger Swiss Military watch? The Wenger Swiss Military watch has all the features one expects from a military issued watch, and is made in both men and women's variations. All the variations of the Wenger Swiss Military watch are set in basically the same manner. The biggest differences being that they have a screw down crown or a date, these instructions will include instruction for those variations which can be ignored if they are not applicable.  

Items needed to set a Wenger Swiss military watch.

  • Wenger Swiss Military watch
  • Clean soft cloth

 The process to set a Wenger Swiss military watch will be something like this:

  1. Unscrew crown.  Some of the Wenger Swiss Military Standard Issue watches are rated as water resistant and have screw down crowns if your watch does, continue. If not, ignore this. Turn the crown counter clockwise until it pops free.
  2. Pull crown one click.  If the watch has a day or date continue, if not move on to step three. Pull crown of watch out to the second position which is one click. This is the day and date position. Twist crown clockwise and counter clockwise to set the day and date to the previous day's day and date. The purpose of this is to set the correct day and date by setting the time and insuring it is in the correct a.m. or p.m. mode.
  3. Pull crown out to second click. Pull crown out to the third position which is the second click. This is the time set position. Twist the crown clockwise until the day and date change to the current day. The watch is now in the a.m. position. Continue to twist the crown until the correct current time is reached. If the current time is a p.m. time, you will run the watch hands around the complete dial past 12 once again to get to the p.m. time. If you fail to do this, the date will change in the middle of the afternoon.
  4. Push crown in to first setting. Push the crown back in to the furthest position. This is the unscrewed crown position where the watch will run, but will not be water resistant. If your Wenger Swiss Military watch has a screw down crown move on to step 5, if not move on to step 6.
  5.  Screw in crown.  Use a fingertip and gently press the crown in and then screw it in place carefully. It should be smooth with no binding. If any pressure is felt unscrew it and start over. You do not wish to cross thread the crown tube or it will need to be replaced in order for your watch to be water resistant.
  6.  Clean watch. Use the soft cloth and polish off any fingerprints on your Wenger Swiss Military watch.

That is how you set a Wenger Swiss Military Standard Issue watch. This is a rugged fine Swiss timepiece which should provide many years of excellent service, and look as right in the board room as it does in the woods.

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