How To Set Up Wireless Network

Knowing how to set up a wireless network is a great way to save money and allow yourself and other people to use the internet around your home. Or you can set it up so only you can use it. Many people are concerned about unwanted access to their wireless networks. Follow these steps to set up a wireless network.  

What you will need

  • A wireless router 
  • A high speed internet connection 
  • Ethernet cable
  1. Determine where your router will be installed. This may be limited to where your high speed internet access or modem is located. Most people don't want to run more cable to a new location. You should position your router in a central and somewhere elevated location.
  2. Attach an ethernet cable from your internet modem to the wireless router. If you do not use a modem, simply attach an ethernet cable that you use to connect to the internet to the router. Connect it to the port designated for the internet.
  3. Power on the router after attaching the power cable. Attach an ethernet cable from the router to your computer. You will need to do this at least until you have the router set up for wifi.
  4. Open your web browser on your computer. You will need to enter the address for the router's configuration page in the address bar. This can be found in your router's documentation or online.
  5. Go to the section of the router setup for wireless internet. You may have to search for this section or consult the documentation again.
  6. Once you find the section, make sure the option to enable the wireless router or radio is turned on. Find the part of this section that has to do with encryption.
  7. Select the option to use WPA encryption. This is one relatively good encryption method, at least for home use. This will prevent people that you don't want to access your network from doing so. Enter a password for the network and write it down. Save the information that you have changed on the router and close the web browser.
  8. Enter the password for the wireless network on computers that you want to connect to it. 


How to set up wireless



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