How To Setup Dish HDTV To Sony A DVD Recorder

Learning how to setup a dish HDTV to a Sony DVD Recorder may not be as difficult as it sounds. One of the most important things you need to get when starting the process is the splitter.  Step by step instructions are more complete with the splitter included. The splitter keeps things simple and possibly saves time and money.

Things you will need to setup the dish HDTV to the Sony A DVD Recorder:

  • RF Splitter
  • VHF/UHF Antenna for over-the-air TV
  • Sony DVD Recorder
  • HDTV
  • Satellite receiver-standard Definition
  • Audio/Video RCA cables (yellow, red & white audio)
  • RF  coaxial cables (RG-6)
  1. Watching dish HDTV television. Use the splitter and connect it to the A/B switch This will allow the satellite to connect to the dish HDTV. The A/B switch remains an important switch for connections. The recorder will remain off while you watch TV.
  2. Recording a satellite program.  When you begin to record, tune to the station. Plug the VCR cables into the Sony’s recorder’s line input and not the dish  HDTV. An audio/video switch box may also be purchased to save time and trouble of switching the cables around. It will save a lot of headache in switching the cables back again to the HDTV input.
  3. Input into the Recording VCR.  Set the channel you wish to record. Select the output on the dish HDTV and hook to the Sony record input. Use the splitter to connect into the input for the DVD recorder at the same time. This will allow you to copy to a DVD if you prefer. The RCA cables which are yellow, red and white need to be plugged into the DVD’s recording line inputs. This will allow copying of the DVD.

Following these instructions will seem easy once they are performed. You now know how to setup a dish HDTV to a Sony DVD recorder.





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