How To Setup Wireless Internet

Need to know how to set up wireless internet? Using a wireless internet network is a very common and popular thing to do. Wireless networks allow you to share internet access, files, printers and more. You can use it to surf the internet on your laptop while laying in bed or sitting on your porch. It's pretty easy to install, but you have to make sure you do it properly for optimum usage.

To set up wireless internet, you will need the following:

  • A broadband internet connection
  • A wireless router
  • A computer with built in wireless networking or a wireless network adapter
  1. Select a hardware vendor. This should be one of the easiest steps in setting up your wireless internet. Although there are many to choose from, they all do a great job of providing the same type of service to you.
  2. Survey the airwaves. Before setting up your wireless device, find the best setting for your network. Sometimes your neighbor's wireless devices can interfere with the activity of your device. You can search online for a tool that you can use to help you with surveying your area.
  3. Update the router/access point. Most devices have the option of upgrading with an available firmware program that can be found online at the manufacturers website. Updating only takes a few moments and can prevent any problems that you may run into using your device, such as compatibility.
  4. Assign your network space. Laptops are popular and most people use them because of the mobility. If you are choosing to use a laptop then you have to make sure you have the correct network address to set up wireless internet service on your laptop.
  5. Set up your hardware. Take your router/access point out of the box. Hook up the WAN Ethernet with a Category 5/6 Ethernet cable that should have come with your cable/DSL modem. Use another Ethernet cable (provided sometimes by the manufacturer) to connect to your laptop or desktop and apply power to your router.
  6. Check for a live internet connection. Open the web browser that you frequently use to make sure you can get online when setting up your wireless connection. If you are not able to get online you may have to do some manual configuration of your internet settings. This consist of checking the IP address or verifying the username and password given to you by your internet service provider.
  7. Log in to configure your router/access point. Look in your manual for the setup information that is needed to get started. Find the default IP address for the unit as well as the administration username and password. Open the web browser to type in the IP address of the router; you then need to enter the user credentials. When logged in, change the password and write it somewhere you can refer to when needed. Find the wireless setting and change the channel of the router/AP to the appropriate channel for the router. Your wireless internet should be set up and ready for you to use.


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