How To Sew A Backpack

Great quality backpacks can last for years if you know how to properly repair them. They don't need to be replaced if one of the pockets has holes or the handle starts to come off. In less than twenty minutes, you can sew your backpack and save a few bucks.

What you will need:

  • Item 1: Sewing needle pack with a variety of sizes
  • Item 2: Fishing wire
  • Item 3: Scissors
  1. Choose an appropriate needle for the material. The needle you choose depends on the thickness of the material. Puncture the material with the needles until you find one that goes into the material easily. Also be sure that the fishing wire fits into the needle eye.  If the wire doesn't fit, choose the next needle size up until it does.
  2. Thread the needle. Cut a foot long piece of fishing wire and thread the needle. Pull the ends of the wire until they are even and knot them together. The knot will help secure the stitch.
  3. Fold the shredded material above or below the seam. Make sure the shredded material is not on the line you intend to sew on. If you sew the material that is already torn, the seam will not last.
  4. Stitch the material together using the back-stitch technique. Pull the pieces of material together and pull the needle in and out of the material about a half an inch apart. To do a back-stitch, pull the needle through the material a half inch from the end of the last stitch and push the needle back through the material where the last stitch ended. Continue this technique until you reach the end of the material. Note:  Be sure to pull the wire tightly so the stitch will not pull apart with pressure.
  5. Knot the stitch at the end. Make a loop by pulling the wire in and out of the material, but don't pull it all the way down. Pull the needle through the loop and pull it tightly. Continue this technique until it is secure.
  6. Cut the excess wire. Don't cut it too close to the knot.
  7. Test the strength of the stitch. Pull the material around the stitch. If the stitch doesn't pull, it is strong enough for use. If it pulls apart, you need to repeat steps four through six.
  8. Your backpack is now ready to be used. The repair will not last forever though. When it breaks again, simply repeat this process.
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