How To Sew Couch Cushions

Change the look of your home whenever you're in the mood and learn how to sew couch cushions. Learning how to sew couch cushions gives you complete control over the look and feel of your couches. Once you know how to sew couch cushions, you will no longer be beholden to the trendy styles that are on display at furniture stores that may not fit in with your idea of home decor. Knowing how to sew couch cushions will also give you the freedom to change the look of your couches whenever the mood strikes while saving yourself a few bucks in the process.

Things you will need to sew couch cushions:

  • Foam cushions
  • Home decor fabric
  • Zippers
  • Needles
  • Thread
  1. Pick your foam cushions. The kind of foam cushions that you choose for how to sew couch cushions is going to determine how much fabric and thread you're going to need. The standard size for foam cushions is either 4in or 8in. Once you have your foam cushions picked out, you can get started on how to sew couch cushions.
  2. Pick your decor fabric. Because your fabric is going to be used for couch cushions, make sure that you use decor fabric. Decor fabric is designed to be used for furniture and is more durable than fabric that would be used to make clothing with.
  3. Cut fabric for the top and the bottom. Measure two 23"x23" squares of decor fabric. These two squares will serve as the top and the bottom of your couch cushions. It's important to measure about 1/2in over the true measurements of your foam cushions when you're getting ready to sew couch cushions. You will need the extra fabric to ensure that there will be enough room to pull the fabric over the foam cushions when you are done with the how to sew couch cushions process.
  4. Cut fabric for the sides. If you're using a 4in foam cushion cut four strips of decor fabric that are each 23"x5 long. If you're using an 8in foam cushion you will need to cut four strips of fabric that are 23"x9 long. These four pieces of fabric will serve as the sides of your couch cushions and will be attached to the top and the bottom pieces of fabric.
  5. Sew the sides together. Using a needle and thread, sew 5in of all four sides together. Make sure that you leave a 1/2in open on each side of your seams. This will ensure that you have enough room to attach the top and the bottom of the couch cushions. It will also ensure that there is enough room to to slide the fabric over the foam cushions when you're done with the how to sew couch cushions process.
  6. Sew it to the top. Match the corners of the sides to the piece of fabric that you are going to use for the top. Once you have attached the top, repeat the same process with the piece that you will use for the bottom. Make sure that you leave one side open so that you can put the foam cushion inside when you're done with the how to sew couch cushions process.
  7. Put in the foam cushions. When all of the pieces are put together, you can slide your foam cushions into the cover. Make sure you pull the fabric tight around the cushions to make sure that they look filled out and fluffy.
  8. Close it up. The last step in how to sew couch cushions is to close the whole thing up. If you know that you're going to want to change your couch cushions at some point, this is the place for you to install the zipper. Attach the zipper to each end of the seams with a needle and thread. Now you will be able to take the fabric off of the foam cushions if it needs to be washed or when you want to change cushions. If you don't want to change the fabric after you are done with the how to sew couch cushions process, then sew the seams together to finish the how to sew couch cushions process.



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