How To Sew Leather Fashion Belts

These easy to follow instructions on how to sew leather fashion belts, and you will have you making your own belts in no time. A man without a belt is like a woman without a purse. It is a much needed necessity, not only for fashion but for functionality. Leather is a common material for a man's belt because it is a durable fabric, which means it will also last longer. Consider making your own leather belt as it will ensure that you save money and you will have a one of a kind creation.

To sew a leather fashion belt, you will need:

  • Leather Fabric
  • Hole Punch
  • Mallet
  • Buckle
  • Rivet for buckle piece
  • Sharp cutting blade and mat
  • Old belt to use as a pattern (optional)


  1. Lay an old belt on the piece of leather you have chosen for your new belt and trace the pattern around it. Place old belt to the side. Cut around the lines to make your new belt, and continue to step four in the following instructions. If not, follow the rest of these instructions.
  2. When old belt pattern isn't an option, measure your waistline or at least where you want your belt to fall just above the hip area, and add twelve inches.
  3. Design how wide you want your belt to be and also how the tip of your belt will be shaped. A man's leather belt can have an arrow shaped tip or it can be rounded. Once you have decided on the look of your belt, mark your leather fabric with those measurements and shape of the tip.
  4. Cut a strip with those measurements from your new leather fabric. Don't forget to cut the tip to your desired look.
  5. Punch the holes for your belt. Starting an inch from the tip, mark the fabric where holes will be. Make sure that the holes are evenly distributed about an inch apart. Punch holes with your mallet and hole punch.
  6. Make the buckle crease. At the opposite end from the tip, fold leather two inches from the edge towards the wrong side of the belt. Apply enough pressure to form a visible crease. Fold the fabric back to normal position and punch a hole directly in the center of the newly formed crease. This will be for the buckle.
  7. Add buckle. Thread the back end of belt through the buckle and bend over from crease and line up hole. Attach rivet to hold buckle in place. Your belt is ready to wear.
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