How To Sew Lining To Crochet Pillow

Finish off that craft project by learning how to sew lining to a crochet pillow. A crocheted pillow can add a handmade, personal touch to any decor. Not all crocheted pillows require lining. A pillow form can be used instead of batting to stuff the pillow, or the crochet stitches can be tight enough that batting will stay in without a lining. A more open, lacy crochet stitch can be used to make beautiful pillows with a lining. Follow the steps below to learn about how to sew lining to crochet pillows.

  1. Place the wrong side of the crochet against the right side of the fabric to be used. Using a wash-out fabric marker, trace the outline of the crocheted work. Once the outline is marked on the fabric, remove the crochet.
  2. Use an overlock sewing machine to make a finished edge along the outside of the fabric. If you do not have an overlock machine, you can leave an extra quarter inch edge when tracing the outline. Turn the quarter inch edge under. Iron it flat and stitch a seam along the outer edge with a regular sewing machine.
  3. Follow the steps above for both sides of the crocheted pillow. To attach the crocheted work to the lining, place the wrong side of the crocheted work to the right side of the fabric lining. Using sewing thread and a needle to slip stitch the fabric to the crochet. Secure the thread on the wrong side of the fabric. Beginning about a quarter of an inch from the edge of the fabric, slip the needle through the fabric and use the needle to catch the underside of the crocheted work. Do not go all the way through the crochet, or the thread will be visible. Rather, sew through only the under side of the crochet. Slip the needle back through the fabric. The entire stitch should be about a quarter inch long. Use the slip stitch to attach the lining and crochet of both sides of the pillow.

When finished attaching the lining, attach both sides of the pillow together by placing the right sides of the crochet together and whip stitching using a yarn needle and the same yarn that was used to crochet the pillow. A small opening, approximately two to three inches, should be left in the outer seam of the pillow so that it can be turned right side out. After turning the work right side out, stuff the pillow with batting and continue the whip stitch to finish the pillow seam.

Crocheted pillows are a quick and easy project for both the crochet beginner or novice. The pillows make a nice addition to your own home, or a great gift for someone special.

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