How To Sew With Silk Matka Fabric

Learn how to sew with silk matka fabric and make luxurious clothes and accessories. Silk matka fabric resembles linen but is wrinkle resistant and comfortable to wear. Silk matka is a heavy silk that is made from thick yarn that leaves textured spots in the fabric, giving the look of tweed. Silk matka comes in a beautiful range of colors and the weight and texture make it perfect for sewing suits, jackets and pants.

To sew with silk matka fabric, you will need:

  • Silk matka fabric
  • Silk thread
  • Fine size nine sewing machine needle
  1. Preshrink the silk matka fabric by getting it dry cleaned. This is an important step because silk matka fabric can shrink and lose its luster. Take the entire piece of silk matka to a dry cleaner and ask them to gently dry clean it. If silk matka fabric is hand-washed it may shrink, so getting it dry cleaned before sewing the garment is the safest bet for caring for this type of fabric.
  2. Change the sewing machine needle to a size nine. Before you begin sewing silk fabric, it's best to use a fine needle that won't grab the expensive fabric. A delicate needle also helps eliminate puckering.
  3. Sew the matka fabric using silk thread. Match the thread to the fabric for the best results. 
  4. Sew a swatch of fabric. Before sewing your garment, try out the tension on your sewing machine first by sewing a small swatch of the matka silk. Adjust the top thread and bobbin tension as needed.
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