How To Sew A Watch Pocket

Learn about how to sew a watch pocket so you have a place to put your pocket watch. Many older fashions from suit coats to pants had pockets specifically designed to hold a pocket watch. If you would like to sew a watch pocket to hold your own pocket watch, it's easier than you might think. These instructions are for sewing a watch pocket on the inside of a suit coat or jacket. You want to make sure yourwatch pocket wide is enough to be able to reach in to retrieve the watch and deep enough so the it doesn't fall out.

To sew a watch pocket, you will need:

  • Fabric
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  1. Select fabric that is sturdy. Suit coats or jackets are usually lined with silk or another similar fabric like nylon. Select a similar fabric to what the lining is made of, but make sure it's sturdy.
  2. Take your hand size into consideration. Depending on how large your hand is will determine how large the watch pocket needs to be. A pocket that measures six inches across and six inches deep should work. Adjust the size as you see fit depending on your hand size.
  3. Measure the fabric. Allow one inch extra all around the pocket. To make a square pocket that will be six inches square will need to be eight inches square to allow for one inch seam allowance around all sides.
  4. Cut the fabric and iron. Cut out a square the size needed for your watch pocket. Turn the fabric under all around and iron the folded fabric to make clean finished edges showing.
  5. Sew the watch pocket. Hand stitch the pocket to the inside of the suit coat or jacket. Find a place that is comfortable to place it. Take into consideration which hand you'll use and sew the pocket into the opposite side of the lining. Use a small whip stitch to sew the pocket in place on three sides. Leave the top of the watch pocket open. Trim the loose threads.
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