How Sex Pheromones Work

Have you ever wondered how sex pheromones work? This secret chemical can make you seem more attractive to women. Read on to learn more about what is behind sex pheromones that make them so popular in the bar scene right now. 

  1. What are sex pheromones? How sex pheromones work depend on their main function, which is to attract the opposite sex for mating and reproduction. It is produced naturally by the body. A study has shown that women with an irregular menstrual cycle began having regular ovulation after they were exposed to male pheromones. 
  2. Where do sex pheromones come from? Sex pheromones work by being emitted through sweat. It is widely recognized that male armpits emit a lot of sex pheromones. When the brain is stimulated, the body will begin secreting the sex pheromones, which in a sense are a signal that the person is ready to mate. 
  3. How sex pheromones work? You must be anxious to know how sex pheromones work exactly so you can use them to your advantage. Since sex pheromones signify your sexual status, women who are looking for some action will likely respond. 
  4. Where can you find sex pheromones? In addition to your natural secretion, you can search online and purchase commercial pheromones. However, read carefully the product descriptions as some only smell like cheap cologne and will not work as sex pheromones. 

Do not rely only how sex pheromones work. Instead, you should actively try to pursue women you are interested in. However, do not think that you will be attractive if you stop wearing deodorant to emit your armpit sweat. 

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