How To Sexually Please A Women

Finding out how to sexually please a woman does not happen overnight because it takes time and patience to satisfy women. Men must understand that different women have different needs and what makes one woman hot may turn another one off. Show your woman you have interests in making her happy and keep each of these steps in mind.

  1. Communicate To sexually please a woman, ask what is her likes and dislikes in bed. When she tells you what turns her on the most, try your best with your ability to do what she wants to make sex the best and heighten up the passion in the bedroom. A couple that communicates about sex usually has a solid sex life.
  2. Explore Instead of getting down and dirty, work your way around before having sex. Kiss, caress and touch every part of her body to get her worked up to the point she wants to jump your bones. Try to whisper all the things you want to do to her while exploring her body to get her in the mood sexually.
  3. Educate yourself There is a lot of information at the library or online that helps a man get to know his woman better sexually. In addition, there are online forums you can join to get anonymous tips from other people on different ways to please your woman.
  4. Practice The only true way to sexually please a woman is pushing yourself to do better. Remember, a woman's body is like a journey and you learn something along the way before you finally master what you learn.
  5. Be equal in the bedroom While it is easier for men to ejaculate in a matter of minutes, it can take longer for a woman. Try out sex toys to get your woman aroused, watch her masturbate or perform oral sex on her. Many women find it pleasurable when men orally stimulate them and know where to hit the right spot. A man who is willing to be patient and look after his woman sexually will have a happy woman who is eager to satisfy him in return.
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