How to Sexually Stimulate Her

You have the woman of your dreams within your grasp, but you need to take careful measures on how to sexually stimulate her. This is not something you can rush if you want to do it right. Follow these step-by-step instructions to sexually stimulate her. Remember, though, this is just a guide–you should always do what feels right to you.

  1. Set the mood. Have her favorite flowers on the bedside table and light a candle or two to set the mood.
  2. Don’t rush things. In order to sexually stimulate her, you need to slowly build up the tension. Begin by whispering something in her ear, letting your lips gently touch her earlobe.
  3. Begin by touching erogenous zones of her body. Stimulate her breasts, neck, ears and inner thighs to send shivers down her body.
  4. Don’t forget her lips. The lips are a sensitive part of the body that can be utilized to sexually stimulate her, too.
  5. Watch how she responds. Pay close attention to how a woman responds when you touch certain parts of her body. React appropriately.
  6. Move to the clitoris. Sexually stimulate this area by stroking with your finger or tongue (whichever feels more comfortable). Make sure the area is  moist and/or lubricated before beginning intercourse.
  7. Insert your penis. Once you have sexually stimulated her and she is ready for intercourse, enter and slowly start stroking her. After she is fully aroused, you may start stroking harder.

It is important to take it slowly from the very beginning and to do what feels right in each situation. There are no set rules to sexually stimulating a woman other than making sure she is comfortable with what you are doing.

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