How To Shape A Beard

Knowing how to shape a beard properly can certainly test a man's patience. To trim your beard successfully it is important to follow certain guidelines. Before you begin the beard shaping process you need to shampoo your beard. Be sure and rinse the beard, and allow it to completely dry before you start trimming.

To properly shape your beard you will need:

  • Mirror
  • Comb
  • Scissors or an electric trimmer
  1. To trim your beard with scissors try Barber scissors for a professional look. Start by combing your beard so all of your beard hairs face the same direction. Work the comb into the facial hair so that a portion shows through the comb's teeth. Then carefully snip the hairs with one precision cut of the scissors. Next, you repeat the process over your entire beard. Be sure you are cutting equal lengths with each snip.
  2. Shaping your beard with electric trimmers is a little easier than trimming with scissors. The procedure is basically the same as using scissors, except you are using electric trimmers. With your comb in hand simply position the beard's hair through the comb's teeth, and trim the excess. Again, try to trim the same length as you shape your entire beard.
  3. Achieving a balanced look to your beard can be the toughest part of all. Obviously you want both sides of your beard to be identical. The best way to accomplish this is to start on one side right below your ear. You then work your way down to the chin area, and then repeat the same procedure on the opposite side. Trimming your beard in this manner makes it easier to attain symmetry. You can always go back and trim a little here and there to achieve balance.

All in all trimming and shaping your beard can be a challenge, especially for the beginner. Since regular maintenance of your beard is a necessity, you will over time become a master beard shaper.

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