How To Shape A Fedora

Figuring out how to shape a Fedora has to do with your personal preference. Fedoras have been around for years. In recent years, as of the mid 1980's, guys like Indiana Jones have made Fedoras famous to modern folks. The design of a Fedora makes it a rather timeless hat. It works well with so many types of clothing styles, that it is very well possible that the Fedora will never really retire. So, just how do you shape a Fedora? Well, that totally depends on how you want it to look. The best thing you can do is buy one that you like and play with it in the mirror. Here are some suggestions for shaping your Fedora.

  1. Playing with the brim. Fedoras are famous because of that distinctive brim that surrounds the entire crown of the hat. The best thing about the brim is its ability to be formed and manipulated in a variety of different ways. You can flip the entire brim upwards for some sort of beatnick type style. You can also choose to flip sections of the brim up depending on your personal style preference. You can even flip the two sides up while smoothing out the front of the brim. You just have to play around with your Fedora. Once you get a feel for what looks cool, you can form the Fedora any way you see fit.
  2. Playing with the crown of a Fedora. You've got one of two choices here. You can either push the top upwards and pinch the sides in that 1930's gangster style, or you can cave the top in. Once again, it depends on your personal preference. That gangster style always looks good. The other way, however, is slightly harder to pull off.
  3. Combining the two. Here's where you get to really play around with your Fedora. Play with different combinations of brim and crown manipulation. Remember, there isn't to much you can do with the crown, but you can manipulate the brim in a number of ways. Just be creative.
  4. Additions. Some people add feathers and other things to their Fedoras. They can be cool if you've created a decent style with your shaped brim. Once again, its all about personal preference. Just play with the hat until you find something you really like. Then the real challenge begins. You have to match you newly shaped Fedora with a cool outfit.
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