How To Shape A Surfboard

Learning how to shape a surfboard is not too difficult a process. You will need certain materials and have to know the exact dimensions for the surfboard that best fits your body size, but with all of that, you can make a beautiful board at home.

Materials needed to shape a surfboard:

  • Wood or foam block (core)
  • Saw, such as table saw or electric hand saw
  • Electric sander
  • Sandpaper
  1. First, purchase all of the necessary materials. They may be found at home improvement or building supply stores.
  2. Next, visit any surf shop, or call one up. Ask about the exact dimensions of a board (style of your choosing) that best fits your height and weight. Note length and width.
  3. Next, depending on the length and width, trace a board onto the block of wood or foam that you will be using to form your homemade board. With the saw, cut the board from the block.
  4. Sand, with the electric sander, all of the edges of the surfboard so that it is smooth and there are no sharp corners on it. Then, narrow the point better with the electric sander. You want the front to curve upward to a point, like the front a speedboat, while the top of the board remains flat.
  5. With the sander, narrow the back of the board so that it tapers a little more, and is slightly rounder than it was when you cut the board shape from the block.
  6. Once the board has been shaped, and has smooth, rounded sides and a somewhat blunt, but pointed front, use sandpaper and hand sand the entire board to get a smooth surface. Then, complete the board, once it has been shaped to your satisfaction.
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