How To Sharpen Skis With A File

Learning how to sharpen skis with a file is possible if you have the right tools and a little patience. Ski sharpening is accomplished with a grinder, but a file will do the job as well. Sharpening skis with a file will save you cash and time at the shop. Incorrectly sharpening skis with a file can lead to damage or even destroy the ski edge. Read the instructions below to learn how to sharpen skis with a file and learn this useful skill.

To sharpen skis with a file, you will need:

  • Skis
  • A file
  • 2 towels
  • A clamp
  • Steel wool
  1. To sharpen your skis with a file, place one of the towels around the ski. At this point, use the clamp to secure the ski. The towel will protect the ski from the teeth of the clamp. Use the other towel to wipe down the edge of the ski to clean it before filing. Make sure that your ski is clean before you begin filing to avoid unnecessary damage.
  2. Take the file (metal with fine teeth) and place it against the edge of the ski at a forty-five-degree downward angle. Use long, even strokes. Apply just enough pressure to hear the file and edge touching. Too much pressure will damage the edge of your ski.
  3. After you have filed a fair portion of the ski, use the steel wool to clean the area. Rub it vigorously across the filed edge. Use the towel to wipe down and remove any residue. Do this all around the ski, moving the clamp out of your way as you go.



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