How To Shave The Back Of Your Head

How to shave the back of your head is a very simple task to accomplish. Shaving your head is a very attractive “hair” style to women. You are a human crystal ball and you love it when women want to rub you the right way (Christina Aguilera, is that you?). You cannot rely on someone else to shave the back of your head because you have to do it yourself one day and here is how.

  1. Buy a small mirror with a handle. This is the only way you can shave the back of your head without asking someone else to help you out. Stores such as Wal-Mart sell these mirrors for less than $10 and you will be glad you purchased one.
  2. Go in the bathroom and position the mirror so you can see the back of your head on the main mirror. Position the small mirror in your hand with the main mirror until you can see the back of your head. Once you get it in the right position, you can begin to adjust the mirror.
  3. You have to be ambidextrous. Your main hand you use to shave the back of your head with will become fatigued. You have to learn how to use your other hand to shave the back of your head. You do not want to keep shaving your head when your hand is tired because you will either drop your razor or nick yourself on accident.
  4. You do not have to use this mirror forever. Good news, you do not have to use the mirror technique anymore once you get use to shaving the back of your head. Why? You know how your head feels when it has hair on it and when it doesn’t. Your head will feel like a baby’s ass once you shave it. How do you shave it without the mirror? You will place the hand you are not using on the top of your head and you will bend your head down. You have to slowly shave your head because the back of your head is very sensitive and you will end up getting cut. Once you shave the back of your head and your head feels really smooth, that is when you know you have done it correctly.



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