How To Shave A Cat

Before you put clippers to the cat, learn how to shave a cat. It is difficult to shave a cat without any guidance. Cats do not look to kindly on shavings, so doing the right thing at the right time is the key. Find out some tips you can follow to begin shaving your cat productively without it running away from you. It is not rocket science, but requires instruction.

Things you will need:

  • Electronic shaver
  • Cat
  • Another person or tranquilizer
  • Clean counter or surface


  1. Prepare your hands. You can prepare your hands for shaving a cat by washing them first. Then, put on a pair of protective gloves. This will prevent any excess germs or fleas from getting on you. Also, pet hair can stick to human skin quite easily. Having gloves on can prevent that.
  2. Get the cat into position. You will need another person to begin helping you put the cat into position on a steady, clean surface. Cats will try to run away and avoid being shaved. The best thing to do is to hold the cat down from the front and the other person hold it down from the back. You could use a tranquilizer if the cat just will not cooperate.
  3. Begin to shave the cat down. Use your electric shaver to shear the cat. Do not cut to close to the cat's skin. Their skin is more fragile than ours and can be easily punctured or cut. Try to be as gentle and careful as possible to protect your cat, because electric shavers could be more sharper than you think.



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