How To Shave A Dog

Learning how to shave a dog is not difficult, but knowing how to do so can sometimes be difficult to do, especially if you have a stubborn dog on your hands. Below you will find some tips on how to make shaving a dog easier.

Supplies list:

  • Razor meant for dogs
  • Attachable clip on razor
  • Grooming table (if necessary)
  • Grooming tools
  • Scissors to cut stray away fur you may have missed
  • Treats
  1. If the dog you are looking to shave is stubborn, you may want to consider a grooming table. This is an expensive piece of grooming equipment, however, and not everyone will have money on hand to purchase one. You can purchase grooming tools and appropriate shavers from a veterinarian's office or online at pet grooming websites.
  2. If you can get the dog to remain still, you can quickly and easily shave their fur. Make sure the razor you are using is a pet grooming razor. Most of the razors have nick-proof features that will not cut the dog's skin by accident. Try to get a razor that is quiet, otherwise the dog will try and fight you. If the dog is still giving you problems, such as biting or nipping, you will need to put a muzzle on the dog to refrain the dog from hurting you or himself.
  3. Start shaving the dog's neck first and working your way down his body. The shaving motion is the same motion you would make while brushing your dog. Make sure you have an attachable clip on the shaver to make sure you do not shave your dog completely bald or clip his or her skin by accident.
  4. Once the dog is fully shaved the way you want him groomed, bathe the dog. This will remove excess fur that was left behind.
  5. If the dog behaved during the shaving, reward the good behavior. The dog will grow accustomed to being rewarded after being shaved and will more than likely behave every time you attempt to shave or groom him in the future.
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