How To Shave A French Beard

The likes of Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp have made knowing how to shave a French beard a necessary skill to men interested in keeping up with fashion. A French beard is simple a mustache coupled with a goatee, both of which can be tricky to shave well if you’ve only ever gone for the clean shaven look.

  1. Basic Shaving Technique. Before you take on shaving a French beard, you need to have your regular shaving technique down. When shaping a beard, it’s important that the razor runs smoothly or else you may end up slipping and ruining your beard’s outline.  Always hold a wet washcloth to your face before shaving to soften the skin. Moisturized skin shaves better, too. Taking care of your skin and learning to shave carefully are the first steps of shaving any beard.
  2. Plan the Shape. Take some time to consider exactly what type of French beard you’re going for. Some men choose a Van Dyke — a short, pointed goatee — while others prefer a small, simple spot of beard below the lower lip, called a soul patch. Still others opt for a long beard. A French beard can have a variety of mustaches, as well. Bushy, thin, shapely? Think about what you’re going for before you start shaving.
  3. Let It Grow. Once you know what you’re doing, simply let your beard grow. Shave around the areas you plan to let grow out, but don’t worry too much about shaping it quite yet. You need to have something to work with before customizing your beard’s appearance.
  4. Shape It. Once you have a quarter to half an inch of stubble you can start shaping with more detail. Shave the rest of your face  and then use a new, sharp razor to start shaving defining lines. Symmetry is important so work slowly. Every few moments, step back and take a look at the beard as a whole.
  5. Let It Grow. Once you have a shape you like, maintaining it is easy. Simply shave around the lines you have already made. Use hair cutting scissors to trim and even up long areas and, as always, take care of your skin for the best look possible.


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