How To Shave Goatee

How to shave a goatee is a skill ever man should know. However, before you start you must decide how thick to make it. Do you want a slim goatee that looks chic, or do you want one that makes you look burly like a man's man? It's all preference and neither one is better than the other. After the decision is made on thickness, all you need is a razor, some shaving cream, and confidence.

  1. Start out by shaving under the sideburns, or you can take the sideburns off all together, whatever suits you. 
  2. Then, start shaving each side of your face using downward motions until you reach a little past your mouth on each side. Hint: the best razor to use to get the best line is one with an independent blade on the other side of the razor such as the Gillette Fuzion. Using the single blade side, hold the razor vertically with the blade going up and down. 
  3. Etch out the line of the goatee by pushing back towards your ears from where you want he edge of the goatee to be. Now you should have the lines of the goatee along the sides of your mouth. 
  4. Next, shave the neck and below the chin. This will clean up your look and let your goatee stand out. Do any necessary trimming around the edges, and you're done!

 How to shave a goatee is not the easiest of task to learn, and may take a few attempts to perfect the steps. Just keep in mind that practice makes perfect, and if all else fails, shave it all off and try again in a couple of days!    

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