How To Shave A Landing Strip

So you want to try something new and decided to learn how to shave a landing strip. if you're not sure exactly how to shave a landing strip to your genital area these easy steps will have you on your way to a new landing strip.

To shave a landing strip, you will need:

  • Electric beard trimmer
  • Razor
  • Shaving cream
  • Soap and water
  • Shower
  • Talc or baby powder
  1. Showering is very important when shaving the genital area. Taking a warm shower will help loosen up the skin and soften the hair. You can choose to either shave in the shower or outside the shower. You'll find that shaving a landing strip is easier outside the shower.
  2. Using the electric beard trimmers you will want to go over the entire area with the longest setting. This will remove the longer hairs leaving the area easier to shave and will help reduce razor burns and bumps.
  3. Fill the sink with soapy water. This is where you will be rinsing your razor to make sure there is no hair clogged in the blades causing you discomfort while you shave.
  4. Applying the shaving cream. This step will be a little tricky as you do not want to shave off your landing strip area. The landing strip is a rectangular strip of hair that runs directly from the shaft of the penis up the pubic bone.
  5. Using your razor remove hair all around the landing strip. Make sure you do not shave the landing strip area because if you do you will have to wait till the hair grows back and start again. Keep rinsing your razor in the soapy water to ensure your blades are clean as you shave.
  6. After you have completed step five you will want to completely dry the area.
  7. Once the area is completely dry apply the talc or baby powder. This helps soothe the area and keep it dry.

You know should have a vertical rectangle running from the shaft of your penis to your pubic bone, however long you want your landing strip is up to you.  If you’re looking to have the “landing strip” hair cut you should know this is the same as a “flat top” hair style.


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