How To Shave With A Safety Razor

When you are learning how to shave, you will usually learn how to shave with a safety razor first. A safety razor is the type of razor that is sold in most stores. They are available in disposable forms or as razors in which the blades can be changed. Properly shaving with a safety razor minimizes your risk of nicks and of getting razor bumps or ingrown hairs.

  1. Moisten the area you are shaving. If you are worried about ingrown hairs, apply a towel that is wet and warm to your face for at least five minutes before you shave.
  2. Put shaving cream or shaving gel onto your skin. These products lubricate the skin and provide a protective barrier between your face and the razor.
  3. Hold the razor in your dominant hand. This provides you maximum control over the razor.
  4. Place the razor against your skin. You need to shave along with the way your hair lies. For example, if you are shaving your face, you will shave from the point of hair closest to the middle of the forehead at an angle downward toward the jaw line.
  5. Move the razor in the direction of the hair. Apply gentle pressure to the blade. You don’t want the blade to press into the skin. If the razor presses into the skin, you are at risk of nicks and ingrown hairs.
  6. Rinse the razor after each stroke to remove hair and shaving cream or gel. If you make more than one stroke with the razor before rinsing, your shave may not be even because of the hair and shaving gel or cream on the blade.
  7. Splash water on your skin to remove any shaving cream or gel residue that remains on the skin once you have shaved. Cool water is ideal as this will reduce the irritation caused by shaving.
  8. Apply after shave if desired.
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