How To Shave Your Beard Without Getting Bumps

Not knowing how to shave your beard without getting bumps can lead to discomfort and possible skin disorders. The bumps caused by shaving can lead to acne and sometimes scars. However, there are ways to shave a beard without having to suffer the bumps that are often associated with the shaving process.

  1. Get prepared. Prior to shaving the beard, prep the area. This includes a light exfoliation to remove dead skin and cleanse the area. This can usually eliminate and/or prevent the majority of shaving bumps on the beard caused by clogged pores. In addition, prepping the beard will make shaving easier.
  2. Shave in the right direction. Shaving in the opposite direction of hair growth allows for a very close shave, but it won't be smooth for long. To shave a beard without getting the bumps, change the direction of shaving to complement the growth of hair. You may have to shave more often, but the beard area will be bump-free.
  3. Use quality razors. Another important aspect of how to shave a beard without getting bumps is properly caring for the razor. This means making sure it is clean, sharp and void of any debris. Replace the razor as necessary.
  4. Use creams or gels. Shaving a beard without getting bumps is much easier when using a shave cream or gel. For maximum results, many men find it useful to use a product for sensitive skin or with soothing ingredients. Less is not always more; the cream or gel should be applied generously to the beard area.
  5. Use aftershave. When it comes to shaving a beard without getting bumps, aftershave can greatly influence this. Harsh aftershaves can actually irritate the skin, making the appearance of the bumps far worse. Use a mild aftershave with natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, to alleviate and rejuvenate the skin after shaving.


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