How To Shave Your Butt

If you come from a family with hairy genetics or heritage disposition that may lend itself to wanting to know how to shave your butt. If you have an excessive amount of hair on your butt may decide to shave your butt for cosmetic reasons or even because it may keep you cooler on those hot and sweaty days. By shaving your butt you can create the smooth and silky bottom that you had when you were a baby.

To shave your butt, you will need:

  • Sharp Razor
  • Shaving cream or Gel
  • After shaving Lotion
  • Exfoliating scrub or brush
  • a helper who you trust


  1. The prep work. Before you can begin to shave your hairy butt you need to prepare the area. Using and exfoliating scrub or body wash with and exfoliated brush scrub the area on your butt to be shaved. By exfoliating the area to be shaved on your butt you will be able to get a closer shave.
  2. The shave. To begin the process of shaving your butt, coat the area to be shave with a thin layer of shaving cream or gel. Shaving cream and gel are formulated to make shaving smooth and less irritating to the skin. Using a new razor slowly begin shaving your butt. If you are luck enough to have a helper that is great. It is safer when having a helper shave you butt since it is hard to get to and you can't really see it. Start by shaving in smooth straight lines away from the body. Continue until you entire butt is smooth.
  3. The after shave. After you shave your butt smooth you should apply an after shave lotion. An after shave lotion will help prevent skin irritation and itching.
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