How To Shave Your Chest Hair

Need to know how to shave your chest hair? For men who like to show off their chest and stomach muscles, or who prefer the look of a smooth chest, shaving chest hair is a less painful alternative to electrolysis and other forms of permanent hair removal. Even men who just want to tone down the amount and contours of chest hair will find that shaving is a relatively easy process, if they know how to shave chest hair properly. Fortunately, the process is easy if you follow a few basic steps.

Things You Need

  • Sharp razor
  • Electric clippers or trimmer
  • Shaving gel, lotion, or foam
  • Moisturizer
  • Towel
  1. Take a hot shower. The hot water will help to provide much needed moisture to your skin as well as soften the chest hair somewhat, just as splashing hot water on the face before applying shaving cream helps to soften tough facial hair.
  2. Trim chest hair that is thicker or long.  Using clippers to trim heavy thatches of hair will make it easier to remove the rest using a razor, and give you a smoother look.
  3. Apply a shaving gel that contains a moisturizer. If all you have on hand is your regular shaving cream, apply some hand lotion or even baby oil before lathering up with the cream. This will make it easier for the razor to cut each chest hair with more provision, while minimizing the irritation to your skin.
  4. Begin by shaving one small area of the chest. A recommended strategy is to shave in one direction, rinse the shaved hairs and foam from the razor, then shave the same area in the opposite direction. This will result in a smoother skin surface than shaving in one direction would create.
  5. Repeat the process of shaving small areas until both the chest and stomach are smooth. Doing so helps to minimize the chances for missing a spot.
  6. Splash warm water on the chest once you have shaved your chest hair completely, then use a towel to pat your chest dry. This will help to dislodge any small residue of cut hair that may still remain on the surface of your skin.
  7. Apply a thin coat of skin moisturizer to your chest. Make sure to rub the moisturizer into the skin thoroughly. This will help to minimize the chances of any redness or irritation arising in the several hours after you shave your chest hair, as well as give the contours of your chest a healthy glow.

Tips and Warnings

If your goal is to tone down your chest hair, try shaving with an electronic clipper. Using different tools, you can trim and contour the hair to exactly the look you want, while still maintaining the look of a hairy chest.

Just as when shaving your face, make sure you do not apply too much pressure to the razor when shaving your chest hair. If you do, the chances for ingrown hairs and general irritation to the skin will be greatly increased.

Take care when shaving around the nipples. One trick is to use a washcloth to remove the foam from your nipples after lathering up for the shave. This will make it much easier to know when the strokes are getting a little close, and shorten the strokes accordingly.

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